"POGLĄD", WYDANIE 9, Mai 1983

Polityczna deklaracja organizacji WSN
(Wolność, Sprawiedliwość, Niepodległość),
przetłumaczona na język angielski przez

East Europe Report
No. 2183,12 August 1983

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Berlin POGLAD in Polish No 9, 22 May 83 pp 24-28
[Article by WSN Founding Group, 1 and 3 May 1983]


For Liberation

Poland is ready for liberation. Totalitarianism has left the crisis — it has entered a stage of degeneration. Poles want to live in freedom. They have the right to an independent and democratic Poland. This is our ultimate political goal.

We need a far-reaching liberation movement, fighting program and freedom. This program must be in agreement with moral principles and justice. WSN [Freedom-Justice-Independence] follows in the steps of Polish political thought that has strived for independence, democracy and social justice — above all PPS [Polish Socialist Party] at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The task of WSN is to solve Polish political problems. Summoning the traditions of PPS and other groups toward this end, we are not acting in this way to continue them directly, but rather we regard their output as abundant and helpful. From the heritage of PPS, we accept the fundamental ideals, ethical principles and rich experiences of battle.

Our effort is directed toward the future and serves its approach.

Why WSN?

Collapsing totalitarianism is becoming more and more of a threat to the world. It threatens the life, health, safety and dignity of Poles. Each person, family, group and social level. All of society. It wants to take from us our right to the future.

There will be no "normalization" in Poland. Poles want justice and oppose the breaking of law and exploitation. Poles want independence, they want to decide their own fate and they want to render the state and the economy independent of colonial dependence. They want to be free in a free country. Freedom, justice and independence are inseparable.

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The will of liberation is growing. This must find a proper form for itself so that society will not fall into a state of nonconvertibie apathy and aggression nor spill blood in the chaotic explosions of uprising.

It is necessary to offer a direction, a plan and a sense of social activation. People of similar ideas and goals should understand each other and work together. We must create a political program containing a picture of future systemic, social and economic order in a free, reborn Poland, as well as a picture of the way to it.

Independent of whether in the near or far future there will be in authority political concessions or a rationalization of the economy, there should develop in society a formation of universally held ideals of freedom.This formation should act on a plane other than that of a union, but in natural coalition with NSZZ Solidarity.

We must build today a social and national consciousness and prepare ourselves for further, more difficult work and fight, which are the guarantee of obtaining our goal. We have to be clear and open about our goal. Together we have to take up the activity begun by PPS during the Polish Rebirth 65 years ago.

We reject minimal essentials and imperfect programs that deceive with unreal visions of agreement, leading to capitulation through the strength of opponents. We support social self-help, self-education and similar forms of resistance, but they alone are not enough. We must act against not only the results but also the causes of evil; they must be removed.

We want WSN to assemble people prepared to work through a long and difficult period, always with the awareness of the final goal.

Basic Ideas

1.Our principal ideal is freedom for the unit and the person. This is freedom raised highly by Christian ethics and all of European culture.

2. From the principle of freedom come nontransferable human rights: the right to dignity, to one's own convictions and beliefs, to development of one's personality and to full participation in every area of social life. Organizations of society and state must be ancillary to these rights, whose total gives human subjectivity.

3. We declare ourselves for the subjectivity of the social unit, group, community and level, and for pluralism and decentralized administration.

4. The foundation of national existence should be the self-organization of society. Resolution of social problems and defense of justice should be taken up from the ground level by created self-management units, societies, unions, federations and social movements. This is guaranteed by the authenticity of collective life.

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5. The sovereign in the state can only be society and the nation.

6. The economic system must serve the needs of society and work emancipation. It should guarantee workers' subjectivity. Work should serve mankind and production means should determine its management. Not to be tolerated are compulsive work, breaking the workers' dignity or exhausting their physical and psychological strength.

7. We call for tolerance and respect for national, religious, cultural and political minorities. We are against dictatorship of the majority.

8. All nations have the nontransferable right to self-determination and to their own independent state. Borders should not divide people — we are for a free and open Europe.

9. WSN rejects any policy that supports a fight for authority in the name of group or universal interests, as well as the observance that the means justify the end. We recognize as obvious the necessity to observe moral principles in politics. We declare ourselves for partnership with strengths and groups in the social fight and for public goals and means of action, limited only by the requirements of tactics and secrecy, as long as it is necessary.

Establishment of Program

Only organized and conscious workers, farmers and the intelligentsia, together with other social layers, determine Poland's political strength. Workers from the large plants are the motor of our contemporary history. Only a solid effort with them by all of society can bring the fulfillment of social and national goals — justice and independence.

Poles need a "universal understanding," as Edward Abramowski wrote in 1905. Needed are various forms of resistance and fight.

The basis for organizing society and the state should be above all Sejm, called in free elections and also self-management structures, concentrating citizens in various political, professional, territorial and other areas. On more important matters, citizens should decide directly, voting in national, regional and community referenda. Parliamentarism and self-management will guarantee to each citizen participation in the formation of social order and in the creation of law and the control of economic life.

The future constitution should guarantee the universal rights of mankind and the citizen, created through European tradition and included in UN documents. The guarantee of democracy will be broad authorization of self-management organs, freedom of speech, organization, manifestation and strikes, personal inviolability of the citizen and independence of law and the courts.

We extend the principle of sovereignty to international relations. Poles, as a nation desiring sovereignty, have the right to partnership relations

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with other nations, among them with the Russian nation. In the future, despite the current monopoly of the authoritarian regime, this society- will constitute representation of Poles with respect to relations with Russia. Poland's raison d'etre requires friendship with neighboring nations — with Lithuanians, White Russians, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Czechs and Germans. We hope that the bonds of true cooperation could bring Poles nearer to the nations of central Europe, whose geopolitical situation is similar to Poland's. We view as a moral obligation the support for their free and state demands in the name of universal solidarity.

Work Emancipation

We live in times of compromise of many economic orders, the head of which is the system of state monopoly and central planning, which has particularly dramatically affected the fate of the Polish economy. The system of state monopoly was once the goal of certain groups of leftists — we reject it outright. Also compromised by history was complete economic liberalism, which led to injustice, opposition to the principle of equality of opportunity and definitive crises. We must build again in Poland an economic order, basing it on a foundation of ethical and economic principles.

The market mechanism and the principle of efficiency and profit should be required in the economy. Profit should be divided fairly. The right to a higher job and a higher share of the profit should be warranted for especially difficult work, dangerous work or work harmful to one's health, as well as for work requiring education and exceptional initiative and responsibility. The state should guarantee to everyone a minimum means for subsistence and the right to work, but not through a fictional kind of employment, and also through the effect of an increase in economic competition.

The variety of forms of one's own means of production will serve work emancipation. One's own self-management (self-management for workers, territorial and other self-managements), cooperatives, private outfits, state outfits. One's own property is always restricted by rules, so that one cannot own something for the sake of owning it. The large enterprises should be governed by personnel self-management organs. We feel that core administration of the economy by self-management organs is a historical experiment, whose introduction gives hope for a completely new, just and justifiable economic order.

In the new system, the trade unions should have complete independence of action in accordance with international labor law. The economy should find itself under the control of society and watched by its organizations, law and courts, as well as by political institutions and Sejm.

Our Geneology

Our tradition is above all the Polish Left, based upon Christian and absolutely ethical principles; humanitarian, democratic and independent. We emphasize strongly that the word "Left" is free of its historical

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burdens. Totalitarian dictatorship and "real socialism" are extreme negatives of the Left.

Close to us are the foundations achieved in its history by PPS during its fight for moral rebirth and the development of social consciousness while striving for independence and freedom under the partitions. It helped to create the Independent Republic during 1918-1920. It helped to write the March Constitution of 1921, one of the most democratic in Europe. It fought for justice, democracy and self-government through parliamentary means and strikes in the 1920's and 1930's. Like the organization Freedom-Justice-Independence, PPS was one of the principal organizations fighting in the Underground during World War II, continuing this fight for social and national ideals during the dark years of Stalinism. Members of PPS stand among distinguished Poles — its activists — who have defended freedom, mankind and the nation. Among them are Bolesław Limanowski, Józef Piłsudski, Ignacy Daszyński, Mieczysław Niedziałlkowski, Kazimierz Puzak, Zygmunt Żuławski and Adam Ciołkosz. Adoption of the principles of PPS is for us a moral order.

We regard highly the democratic traditions of the people's movement, tied with the dramatic fight of PSL during the 1940's — together with PPS — for democracy in Poland. Our obligation is to serve the free basis of the nation, whose most evident manifestations were workers' uprisings in 1956, 1970 and 1976, demonstrations by the intelligentsia and the students in 1968, the birth of Solidarity in August 1980 and the opposition movement after 13 December 1981. The "Program of a Self-Governing Republic" from the First Congress of Solidarity is one of our chief ideological inspirations.

We align ourselves with the traditions of independent social institutions, such as a free press, self-education and the initiative of free trade unions in the 1970's, like the Workers' Defense Committee [KOR]. However, we take this one step further by creating a political organization. We tie ourselves directly to the ideas expressed by Self-Governing Republic Clubs [KRS], taken from the founding declaration of 21 November 1981. One stage in this activity was the WSN declaration of September 1982. We undertake the ideas of WSN under new conditions, with a new program and through the help of new methods and new strengths. We observe the ideological tie with Polish activists and leftist-independent groups in emigration, which maintain the political traditions of Poles.

We seek our roots among these movements that have observed the ethical principles of human and citizens' rights. We value the political skills of National Democracy [ND] in awakening national aspirations and the fight for Polishness, especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries. However, we cannot write ourselves into the ND tradition, because its nationalism and authoritative sympathies are in apposition to ethics and human and citizens' rights. We repeat the WSN declaration: "The right to tradition belongs to everyone, independently of his/her thoughts or actions. We are especially opposed to any current of thought that would

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cut off the right to a continuum of national history. It is extremely rich, so that everyone is able to find there his/her genesis."

The WSN Political Declaration is a beginning for further action. We expect that everyone who acknowledges it as his/hers will work together to create the program and activity of WSN. Every already existing independent group accepting the Political Declaration can become a WSN group. The task of the Founding Group is to initiate and to coordinate organization.